BTS V ‘9 feet under’ new song 2022

BTS V (Kim Taehyung) '9 feets under' New song 2022

BTS V (Kim Taehyung) posted a small duration melody song to his fan via his Instagram account. On the evening of 25th January, BTS V shared the song on his official Instagram account and within a span of ten minutes, the post got over one million likes and in an hour it got over 3.2 … Read more

ENHYPEN ‘DARK MOON: The Blood Altar’


HYBE’s original story ‘DARK MOON: The Blood Altar‘ inspired by K-pop Boyband, ENHYPEN has been released. In the uniform concept the ENHYPEN members were standing against the bright moon. ‘DARK MOON : The Blood Altar‘ is a webtoon and web novel with a supernatural, bloody storyline and the members played the character of 7 vampire … Read more

BTS ‘7 Fates Chakho’ webtoon set a new Record

BTS Webtoon 7 Fates Chakho EP1, Zeha (Jungkook) story

The original story ‘7 FATES: CHAKHO‘, which Naver Webtoon collaborated with group BTS, set a new cumulative view record just two days after its global launch. According to HYBE on the January 18th , the cumulative number of views of the webtoon and web novel ‘7 FATES : CHAKHO‘ released through Naver Webtoon exceeded 15 … Read more

BTS Jungkook “Stay Alive” (PROUD. SUGA) to Release

BTS Jungkook "Stay Alive" (PROUD. SUGA) Original soundtrack for 7FATES: CHAKHO

BTS Jungkook “Stay Alive” (PROUD. SUGA) for 7FATES: CHAKHO to be released on 11th February. The group BTS has announced on their official SNS, Twitter and Instagram the original soundtrack “Stay Alive” by Jungkook for ‘7FATES CHAKHO‘ will be released on 11 February, 2022 at 2PM KST. The company also said, they will reveal the … Read more

BTS 7Fates : chakho EP1

BTS Webtoon 7 Fates Chakho EP1, Zeha (Jungkook) story

A webtoon name ‘7Fates : Chakho’ EP1 in collaboration with the group BTS has finally been released. 7Fates: Chakho, a Korean folklore-inspired fantasy webtoon and is inspired by Joseon Dynasty’s tiger-hunting officers called ‘Chakhogapsa’. It is about seven men fighting supernatural creatures known as “beom” (tiger, in Korean) in the near-future cyberpunk metropolis of Sin-si. … Read more

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BTS ‘7Fates Chakho’ Webtoon to release

7fates Chakho

7Fates : Chakho Webtoon to be released this week A new fantasy webtoon and web novel inspired by BTS will be released later this week, the group’s management agency, HYBE declared on Wednesday. HYBE said its original story of “BTS 7Fates: Chakho” will be available on Naver Webtoon, an online platform for web-based comics run by … Read more

BTS RM, Suga and Jin recovered from COVID-19

BTS member recovered from COVID-19

Following Suga, BTS member Jin and RM are now also recovered from COVID-19. BigHit Music, the management company, announced, “As BTS members RM and Jin were confirmed to have fully recovered from COVID-19, they are free from quarantine.” RM and Jin did not show any special symptoms in their health during the quarantine period. However, … Read more

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BTS Jungkook Fastest To Hit 1 Million Likes

Jungkook fastest post to hit 1 Million Likes on Instagram

BTS Jungkook delivered a New Year’s greeting, breaking the Guinness World Record and became Fastest post to hit 1 million Likes in just 2 Minutes. On December 31st, BTS Jungkook posted a selfie of himself with warm greetings for the new year on his Instagram, saying, “The year has come to an end quickly and … Read more

BTS New year greetings and messages 2022

BTS New Year greating and messages for 2022

The boyband ‘BTS‘ delivered New Year’s greetings and sent a message of gratitude and love to their fandom ‘ARMYs’ on the occassion of new year 2022. BTS Jin, wrote on Weverse, “I had a very happy and grateful time this year thanks to ARMYs” on December 31st, 2021. He continued, “I’m getting more and more … Read more

‘2022 Weverse Con’ : Justin Bieber, TXT and ENHYPEN

2022 Weverse Con

‘2022 Weverse Con‘ is Weverse’s New Year’s countdown concert with fans and artists under a new name. It contains the meaning of sharing the moment when the end of the year and the beginning of the new year meet. Justin Bieber, ENHYPEN, Seventeen, TXT performed at the concert, called 2022 Weverse Con : New Era … Read more