BTS collaborating with Coldplay, ‘My Universe’

"BTS X Coldplay" promo photo

The British band Coldplay announced a news that Coldplay and the group BTS will release a collaboration song name “My Universe”. Coldplay’s agency Warner Music said in an official press release on September 13, “Coldplay and BTS’ new single ‘My Universe’ will be released on 24th September.” According to Warner Music, this track, sung in … Read more

‘Youth Today’ BTS UN speech, hope to resonate around the world


A message of hope from the group BTS has been released. BTS was appointed as the ‘Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture’ in July. The Blue House made this decision to lead the global agenda for future generations and to enhance diplomatic power in line with Korea’s international status. As BTS has continued … Read more

ISOI, Expresses Their Gratitude Towards BTS’ V

BTS V (Taehyung)

A thank you note was left by brand ‘ISOI’ that experienced an unexpected lip balm sell out crisis because of BTS’ V is a trending topic. Multiple times it happened that the product such as clothes, perfumes, accessories, cosmetics and collaboration products that V wore or used got sold out in few seconds showing immaculate … Read more