Blackpink album ‘BORN PINK’ Tracklist

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 The Tracklist for BLACKPINK 2nd regular album “BORN PINK” released, raising the enthusiasm for their comeback.

 The Tracklist of Blackpink album “BORN PINK” consists of a total of 8 tracks. Starting with the pre-release song “Pink Venom“, the title songs “Shut Down“, “Tyap Girl“, “Yeah Yeah Yeah“, “Hard to Love“, “The Happiest Girl“, “Tally“, and “Ready For Love“.


 YG Entertainment representative producer TEDDY, 24, Danny Chung, Bekuh BOOM, and R.Tee, have put their names on the Tracklist of Blackpink ‘Born Pink’, it is expected to produce a dazzling synergy this time as well.

There are also talented singer-songwriters who are drawing attention in the global music market. Freddy Wexler, who participated in the composition of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande’s “Stuck with U“, Teddy Sinclair and Nat Dunn, who contributed to the masterpieces of pop stars such as Rihanna and Anne-Marie, joined together to enhance the album’s perfection. Jisoo and RosΓ© took part in co-writing the b-side song “Yeah Yeah Yeah” and added meaning.

YG entertainment said, “The colorful music colors that penetrate the team’s unique identity as Black Pink melted throughout the album. All eight songs have been worked hard for a long time. Please look forward to it a lot.”

In addition, the strong visuals of the four Blackpink members in the ‘Born Pink’ Tracklist poster released on the day raised curiosity about the concept of the new song. Their complete visuals and unrivaled aura, who posed full of charisma among sharp silver sculptures, overwhelm the attention of the viewers, foretelling the splendid return of BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK album 'BORN PINK' Tracklist Poster
Blackpink “Born Pink” Poster

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s 2nd full-length album “BORN PINK” will be released on September 16 at 1 PM (KST). Thanks to the hot popularity of the pre-released song “Pink Venom”, not only the new music they will listen to, but also various new record streaks to be written through the title song “Shut Down” are raising expectations.

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