BlackPink Lisa “Money” Exclusive Performance Video

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A special performance video of BlackPink Lisa’s solo album ‘MONEY’ has been announced, drawing attention.

YG Entertainment announced on their official SNS that Lisa’s ‘MONEY’ Exclusive Performance Video will be released at 00:00 on September 23rd (Korean standard time).

MONEY’ is a hip-hop genre with a minimalistic yet sophisticated sense.

As a solo artist, her vivid and splendid charm doubled while keeping the texture of the music she had shown through her activities.

Featuring addictive brass riffs, intense piano sounds, and unstoppable lyrics.

For this reason, after the release of the sound source, Blink (fandom name) received a response as great as the title song ‘LALISA’ from the album.

However, ‘MONEY’ had no music video or music broadcast stage, so the fans were very disappointed.

YG said, “For the many global fans who are waiting for Lisa’s ‘MONEY’ stage, we prepared a special performance video on our own.

Previously, YG boasted an overwhelming scale and high level of perfection with the special stage video for ‘LALISA’ that it produced in-house.

This is why fans’ expectations for this ‘MONEY’ exclusive performance video are growing.

It is expected that the performance video contains Lisa’s powerful hip swag, Especially ‘MONEY’

After releasing her solo album ‘LALISA’ on the 10th, Lisa hit various global charts.

After touring the top of iTunes Top Song Charts in 72 countries so far, it entered the 15th spot on the Spotify global chart.

In addition, it also ranked first on the global YouTube song chart, making us realize once again the ripple effect of Lisa in the mainstream pop market.

Lisa is releasing various new records. The music video for the title song ‘LALISA’ recorded 73.6 million views on YouTube in 24 hours, breaking the world record for a solo artist. And within the two days, it surpassed 100 million views, breaking the new record for the shortest time as a K-pop solo artist.

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