BLACKPINK Pink Venom excluded from ‘Music Bank’ by KBS

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The pre-release BLACKPINK song ‘Pink Venom’ was excluded from the ‘Music Bank‘ after being deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS, because of its lyrics.

According to the results of the KBS Music Review on the September 5th, the lyrics of BLACKPINK ‘Pink Venom‘ were found to be in violation of Article 46 of the Broadcast Review Regulations (Limitation of Advertising Effect), such as including a brand name in the lyrics.

It seems to have taken issue with the mention of the French luxury brand ‘Celine‘ in the lyrics of ‘Pink Venom‘.

The lyrics for ‘Pink Venom‘ were written by Blackpink producers Teddy Park and Danny Chung.

Generally, the entertainment company’s would make minor changes to the lyrics and request reconsideration. But it was reported that YG Entertainment did not rewrite nor petitioned for a reconsideration, so the song is not included in ‘Music Bank’ own chart ‘K-Chart’.

This is not the first time that BLACKPINK‘s lyrics have been excluded by the KBS deliberation room for referring to a specific brand or product. Previously, ‘BOOMBAYAH‘ in 2016 and ‘Ice Cream‘ in 2020 were excluded for naming specific products, respectively.

KBS, a public broadcaster, has a more strict review of songs compared to other broadcasters.

In fact, it has become rare for a top K-pop group to appear on domestic music shows like BTS or BLACKPINK. It is rare enough to be used for special events, interests with broadcasters, and bonds with fans.

Due to a tight schedule, such as BLACKPINK performance in the “MTV VMAs” which taken place in August, and their 2nd regular album ‘Born Pink‘ which has to be released this month, Blackpink is planning to appear on the music program ‘SBS Inkigayo‘.

Some analysts say that YG Entertainment focused on global promotion through YouTube, VMA appearances, and overseas chart rankings such as US Billboard and UK official charts rather than domestic broadcasting in line with BLACKPINK’s.


Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will release their 2nd full-length album ‘Born Pink‘ on the 16th and go on a large world tour starting in Seoul in October, 2022 covering North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

[Gaurav, K-pop Updates]

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