Blackpink Rose ‘Gone’ surpasses 100 million streaming on Spotify

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On the October 8th, YG Entertainment announced that Blackpink Rose solo song ‘Gone’ surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify on October 7th.

The milestone was achieved about seven months after the song’s released March 12th. With this, Rosé succeeded in uploading both songs in her solo album ‘R’ to the billion-dollar streaming list on Spotify.

“Gone” is one of two songs on Rosé’s solo album “R” and it is the sub-title track, and the other one being “On the Ground,” the lead track. “On the Ground” surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify back in May.

It is an splendid song with lyrics that unravel the feelings of finally organizing and moving on from a departed lover.

‘Gone’ was as popular as the title song ‘On The Ground’ on various global charts. Along with ‘On The Ground’, it maintained the top spot on the domestic music charts, and it showed great potential by climbing to the 11th place on the Spotify global top 50 chart.

“R” has seen huge success since its release, with “On the Ground” topping the iTunes charts in 51 countries and the music video being viewed more than 200 million times on YouTube as of Friday.

Blackpink has more than 25 million followers on Spotify.

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