BLACKPINK, the main character of ‘Paris Fashion Week’

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The K-pop sign girl group ‘Black Pink’ has emerged as the center of the world’s fashion world.

According to foreign media and the popular music industry on the 6th October, BLACKPINK members emerged as a hot topic by attending the world’s largest fashion show ‘Paris Fashion Week’, which started on the 28th September and ended on the same day.

Each of the four members is a model for a different luxury brand. Jisoo is Dior, Jennie is Chanel, Rosé is Saint Laurent, and Lisa is a global ambassador for Celine.

Accordingly, during Paris Fashion Week, all the group members moved separately for a different brand fashion show.

Jisoo attended the Dior 2022 S/S collection fashion show on the 28th of last month. At that time, foreign media covering the scene covered Jisoo’s photos on their respective social media.

Blackpink Rosé, Saint Laurent designer Anthony Vaccarello.
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Antoine Arnault, the eldest son of the chairman of the LVMH group that owns Dior, also posted a picture of himself with Jisoo on his social media.

Rosé appeared in the Saint Laurent show with the Eiffel Tower in Paris on the 29th of last month.

Previously, on the 13th of last month, Rosé received the spotlight by attending the ‘Met gala’, which is known as the center of the American social party scene, with Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello.

Jennie, attended ‘Chanel 2022 SS Collection’ during Paris Pashan Week on the 5th October. Jenny appeared dressed in intense red and received a camera flash world. Lisa also left for the Paris Fashion Week Celine event not long ago.

As a result, overseas media are gathering opinions that BLACKPINK was the real protagonist of this ‘Paris Fashion Week’.

This Paris Fashion Week event was very meaningful to the organizers.

Recently, foreign luxury brands are sending love calls to K-pop stars one after another. This is because a dynamic image can bring freshness to a rather old luxury item.

A mid level idol production company said, “K-pop idols have a lot of attention not only musically, such as singing and dancing, but also visually, such as fashion.” The number of K-pop stars who are active as promotional models will increase.”

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