BTS 7Fates : chakho EP1

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A webtoon name ‘7Fates : Chakho’ EP1 in collaboration with the group BTS has finally been released.

7Fates: Chakho, a Korean folklore-inspired fantasy webtoon and is inspired by Joseon Dynasty’s tiger-hunting officers called ‘Chakhogapsa’. It is about seven men fighting supernatural creatures known as “beom” (tiger, in Korean) in the near-future cyberpunk metropolis of Sin-si. It is a story that has been reinterpreted and created with one’s own imagination.

BTS ‘7Fates Chakho’ EP1, belong to Zeha (the character inspired by Jungkook). He is our protagonist, a young man living in Sin-si, learning about the existence of the beom.

Zeha grew up near Beom Rock, at the foot of Inwang Mountain, until his parents died and he was forced into a much harder life.

When a mysterious man with glowing eyes (Hupo) approaches Zeha on the streets of Sin-si, knowing his name and claiming that Inwang Mountain holds the secret to his parents’ deaths, Zeha initially refuses to take the bait but the past can sink its claws into us, and the man with glowing eyes seemed convincing so Zeha ventured out to Inwang Mountain.

However, Zeha wakes up three days later in the hospital with no memories of that time, and when he opens his eyes, he finds out that he is the only survivor of the Inwang murder case.

Zeha (Jungkook) in Hospital, 7Fates EP1
Zeha (Jungkook) at Hospital

Now, Zeha returns to the mountain, looking for his own answers, only to meet the man that was once Beom Rock. His name is Haru (the character inspired by Jimin), and he is an ancient guardian of the gateway between the world of humans and the world of beom.

Haru helps Zeha remember what happened three days ago at Inwang Mountain.

Zeha did journey to Inwang Mountain with Hupo, who told Zeha the story of his family, as promised — Zeha’s father was a beom and his mother was a shaman who guards the gateway between the beom world and the human world. Every year, on January 16th (also the day of tragedy), Zeha’s mother would sing a song opening the gate for a short time.

She fell in love with Zeha’s dad and allowed him to stay. They had Zeha, and lived happily for a short while until Hupo came along.

Zeha (Jungkook) Family
Zeha Family

Hupo is a beom. He murdered Zeha’s parents and, years later, has returned to do the same to Zeha but not without getting something from him first.

Zeha has shaman blood running through his veins, Hupo tells him, which means he can use the song he learned from his parents as a child to open the gate again.

Zeha sings the song, and unlocks the gate, also unlocking Hupo’s powers in the process. Hupo uses his superhuman strength and claws to slash Zeha to the ground, leaving him for dead. He assembles with his beom friends who resemble many different kinds of animals and creatures and are ready to continue the battle between beom and humans.

In the shadow of the mountain, days later, Haru attempts to give Zeha comfort. “Let’s go, my dear child,” Haru tells Zeha, still reeling from the recovery of his memories. “Let us hunt the beom.”

7 Fates: Chakho‘ is a webtoon and web novel presented in collaboration with Naver Webtoon and HYBE, based on the original story of HYBE in collaboration with BTS.

Jungkook is raising expectations by participating in the soundtrack vocal of ‘7Fates: Chakho‘.

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