BTS ‘7 Fates Chakho’ webtoon set a new Record

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The original story ‘7 FATES: CHAKHO‘, which Naver Webtoon collaborated with group BTS, set a new cumulative view record just two days after its global launch.

According to HYBE on the January 18th , the cumulative number of views of the webtoon and web novel ‘7 FATES : CHAKHO‘ released through Naver Webtoon exceeded 15 million within two days of launch, setting the highest level among Naver Webtoon launches.

7 FATES: CHAKHO‘ is taking the first place in the real-time hot new charts (NEW & TRENDING) and all genre charts on Naver Webtoon’s English service platform ‘WEBTOON‘. ‘DARK MOON: Altar of the Moon‘, which was released on the 16th consecutively, took the 2nd place in the real-time hot new chart after ‘7 FATES: CHAKHO‘ and 4th in the fantasy genre chart.

Thanks to the launch of ‘7 FATES: CHAKHO‘, the daily active users of Naver Webtoon’s English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, and Thai services also reached a new record high.

‘The Star Seekers’, which was released on the 17th, also ranked 3rd on Naver Webtoon’s English, German, and Spanish services in real-time on the new charts within a day of its release.

As a result, ‘7 FATES: CHAKHO‘, DARK MOON: Altar of the Moon, and ‘The Star Seekers‘ in English, German, and Spanish recorded high topicality, taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places side by side on the new charts in real time.

The work has also received favorable reviews, recording high scores. On Naver Webtoon’s English service platform ‘Webtoon’, it is recording a score of 9.9 out of 10, and has gathered 740,000 subscribers within two days of its release. In addition, the Spanish service scored 9.96 and the French and Thai service scored 9.81 and 9.94, respectively, receiving favorable reviews.

DARK MOON: Altar of the Moon‘ has scores of 9.89 and 9.91 in English and Spanish services, respectively, and ‘The Star Seekers’ has a score of 9.9 or more in English, Spanish, Thai, and Indonesian, respectively.

7FATES: CHAKHO‘ is an urban fantasy genre set in a city of the near future and is a reinterpretation of a webtoon and web novel, inspired by ‘Chakhogapsa’, known as a tiger hunting unit during the Joseon Dynasty, and the BTS members transform into hunters.

An official from Naver Webtoon said, “This project in collaboration with HYBE is the first case in the industry to simultaneously launch a webtoon and a web novel in 10 languages, and all three works are well-received for expressing curious storytelling with sophisticated illustrations.” It seems that it is attracting attention from a wide and diverse readership, not only visitors but also existing subscribers.”

HYBE said, “We have prepared a new attempt of ‘artist collaboration’ for webtoon and web novel contents, while also not neglecting the original quality of the contents.

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