BTS ‘7Fates Chakho’ Webtoon to release

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7Fates : Chakho Webtoon to be released this week

A new fantasy webtoon and web novel inspired by BTS will be released later this week, the group’s management agency, HYBE declared on Wednesday.

HYBE said its original story of “BTS 7Fates: Chakho” will be available on Naver Webtoon, an online platform for web-based comics run by South Korea’s top portal operator, on Saturday.

7Fates” is based on tales of a tiger-hunting corps during the Joseon Dynasty called Chakhogapsa. It tells the story of seven boys, based on each member of BTS, tied together by fate, who overcome difficulties and grow as a group.

It is HYBE’s first BTS-themed original story in cooperation with Naver Corp. as part of its strategy to expand its business to web-based comics, novels and gaming by creating original content featuring its artists.

The three original stories to be released this time, ‘7Fates: CHAKHO’, ‘DARK MOON: The Blood Altar’, and ‘The Stars Seekers‘ are by ‘BTS, ENHYPEN and TXT‘ respectively.

The company said these webtoons and novels will be available in 10 languages and released on a weekly basis.

BTS member character name for ‘7fates : Chakho‘ are RM as DOGEON, Jin as HWAN, Suga as CEIN,  J-hope as HOSU, Jimin as HARU, V as JOOAN, Jungkook as ZEHA

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