BTS and Big Hit donate 4.2 billion won to UNICEF

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The Popular group BTS ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign was recognized for its achievements.

The UNICEF Korean Committee announced of 5th October, that the BTS LOVE MYSELF campaign was introduced as a successful campaign by being recognized for its global influence and global performance for the first time in a Korean partnership in UNICEF’s 2021 ‘World Children’s Report’.

UNICEF’s ‘World Children’s Status Report’ is the most important report of UNICEF, which selects a theme every year to investigate and announce the situation of children around the world.

This report, which contains ‘the mental health of children in the age of Corona 19’, pays special attention to the message of courage and hope that ‘LOVE MYSELF’ conveyed to future generations around the world.

BTS said, “We started ‘LOVE MYSELF’ to reach young people and improve their lives and rights. I hope that many people will feel how the love they receive from others can be the power to love themselves.”

Lee Ki-cheol, the Secretary General of the UNICEF Korean Committee, said, “The meaning of ‘LOVE MYSELF’ comes closer and deeper now that the world is experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19.”l

The ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign, which started as an agreement between UNICEF Korea Committee, Big Hit Music, and BTS in 2017, was extended to a global campaign by renewing the agreement in March 2021.

Among the agreements that started in Korea, BigHit Music was the first to expand to a global agreement with UNICEF headquarters.

The UNICEF Korean Committee is carrying out fundraising and child rights advocacy activities on behalf of UNICEF in Korea.

[By Gaurav, K-pop Updates]

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