A BTS game is scheduled to be released in 2022

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Hybe predicted that a game featuring BTS members will be released in the first half of next year. It was announced that the game would be more than simply an appearance of BTS.

On the morning of the 4th, an online briefing session for Hybe was held, with Bang Si-hyuk and Scooter Bron in attendance.

On this day, an Hybe official said, “Artists and contents are developing into a complex organic relationship.”

He promoted, “In the case of games released in the first half of the year, BTS members will appear. The game will be more meaningful than the appearance of BTS members.”

Group members also drew attention by saying, “I think it will be a game that people can play for a long time. I think it will be good fun and comfort,” and “We also gave a lot of praise.”

Meanwhile, BTS will release new Webtoon in Mid January. The first work to be serialized is ‘7Fates: CHAKHO’, the original story of the group BTS, which is loved all over the world, and will be released for the first time on January 15th.

It is an urban fantasy genre set in a city of the near future, and it was produced with the motif of ‘Chakhogapsa’, which was known as a ‘beast’ hunting unit during the Joseon Dynasty. It is a story of 7 boys bound by fate, overcoming ordeal together and growing up, and it is expected to get a hot response from fans around the world as well as Korea by reinterpreting traditional Korean folktales.

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