BTS healing journey ‘In the Soop BTS Season 2’ ends

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The group BTS enjoyed true relaxation and healing through the reality program ‘In the Soop BTS Season 2’.

In the last episode of JTBC’s ‘In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2’, which aired on the night of the 5th November, the members of BTS were depicted completing their healing journey.

‘In the Soop BTS Season 2’ attracted attention with an upgraded scale compared to last season. The wish list of the members is reflected in the mansion in the Soop exclusively for BTS, adding to the fun of seeing.

The members enjoyed to their heart’s content in a private space equipped with a swimming pool, basketball court, study, barbecue, karaoke machine, game room with 5 computers, and a gym with power rack.

A complete ‘rest’ enjoyed by BTS deep in the forest Through this ‘In the Soop BTS Season 2’, BTS members enjoyed a free rest in their own way.

They spent a healing time doing activities that are difficult to do in daily life in a busy city, such as reading, basketball, playing in the water, tennis, foot volleyball, trampoline, driving an RC car, and driving a four-wheeled bike. In the final episode, members watching the Tokyo 2020 Olympic archery and women’s volleyball matches in real time were also revealed.

‘In the Soop BTS Season 2’ is HYBE’s entertainment reality program that contains a healing story in the forest that seven BTS members enjoy separately and together. It aired weekly on Friday. On Weverse, a global fan community platform, you can meet an expanded version of the TV show.

In addition, the 5th episode that could not be seen on TV on the 12th, the official photo on the 13th, and the full behind-the-scenes video and special commentary video that were not released in the main story on the 19th will be released on Weverse.

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  1. there will be only 5 episodes and a Behind Video, I mentioned Last episode of “JTCB” cause it’s was last episode of JTCB, The next episode will be only available on Weverse only.


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