BTS Yet To Come in Busan Full concert

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BTS performed a total of 19 Songs in their recent <Yet To Come> in BUSAN Concert.

The group BTS held an free concert, Live play and online live streaming of WORLD EXPO 2030 Concert <Yet To Come> in Busan on October 15, 2022 at the Asiad Main Stadium, Buasn, South Korea.

A large number of ARMYs gather at the event venue where the concert took place.

BTS concert Yet to Come in Busan was attended by more then 52,000 people in person as an audience.

They had an grant entry with the fire works and all the fans cheering for them holding their ARMY Bombs up in the sky.

In addition, about 12,000 people who did not got the opportunity to watch the performance at the Asiad Main Stadium flocked to the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal and Haeundae Beach, which are broadcast live on a large screen.

They began their show  with the breathtaking performance of Mic Drop and ended  it with “Yet To Come”.

BTS free concert 'Yet To Come' in Busan 2022

BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN Concert Setlist are as follows:

  • MIC Drop
  • Run BTS
  • Run
  • Save Me
  • Zero O’clock
  • Butterfly
  • UGH
  • BTS Cypher Pt.3: Killer
  • Dynamite
  • Boy With Luv
  • Butter
  • Ma City
  • Dope
  • FIRE
  • IDOL
  • EPILOGUE: Young Forever
  • For Youth
  • Spring Day
  • Yet To Come

BTS Yet To Come in Busan concert

At the concert, The fans held events such as singing the happy birthday song for member Jimin, who had his birthday on the 13th. Jimin said, “I don’t usually think of birthdays as important, but I’m happy to be congratulated by everyone.”

This BTS concert was very meaningful as it was a concert in which all 7 members participated as a group after ending their first act with the anthology album ‘Proof’ in June.

Jimin said, “I’m curious about what we’ll look like in 10 years. I am not afraid, I am looking forward to it and I am happy.

Suga also said, “I think I will be standing here in 30 years,” and conveyed a heartwarming promise to the fans, “Let’s grow old together.”

BTS RM said at the concert ‘Yet To Come in Busan’, “No matter what challenges comes in front of us, If all the 7 members have the same heart and the fans believe in them, BTS is expected to continue on its path.”

At the end of concert J-Hope said, “I hope you all had fun as we did while performing” and “I feel grateful to be able to dance and sing together.”

BTS RM said, “This moment may not last forever, but we will have another tomorrow.” He said, “I want to share expectations rather than regrets.”

Jin enlistment can only be postponed until the end of this year according to the current law, so next year’s group activities can might be on Hold.

Jin said, “This was the last concert we are holding. Also, thinking about when we could hold a concert, I thought, ‘I have to keep a lot of these emotions”

“You can take a tour anytime, so you’ll come again when it will happens,” Jin asked the fans.

In the concert BTS Jin even made a ‘surprise announcement’ that he will be next to release new single album after J-hope.

Busan Dyed purple for BTS concert Yet To Come
Busan Dyed purple

The Busan was lit up in purple at night to celebrate the BTS concert ‘Yet To Come’ in Busan and it will remain purple until Oct 17.

The color Purple is the last color of the seven colored rainbow, it is said to contain the meaning of trusting and loving each other until the end.

When BTS held concert in Las Vegas, It also turns Purple welcoming BTS and ARMYs around the globe and They named its official page as BORAHAEGAS.

BTS ‘Run BTS’ Full Performance


[Replay] BTS <Yet To Come> in Busan – Full Concert

BTS held this concert in Korea after 7 months since ‘BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL‘ was held in Seoul, South Korea in March, 2022.

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