BTS ‘In The Soop’ Pop-up Store in Hyundai Depertment

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Hyundai Department Store will launch a ‘In the Soop’ pop-up store targeting the MZ generation in The Hyundai Seoul with ‘HYBE’, an entertainment company.

Hyundai Department Store and HYBE announced on the September 3rd that they will operate ‘In The SOOP’ POP-UP STORE, on the first floor of The Hyundai Seoul until October 31st.

‘In the Soop’ is the original content that HYBE is showing, and it contains the healing and relaxation that artists such as BTS and Seventeen feel while resting in nature while taking a break from their busy lives.

The pop-up store to be launched this time is 446 square meters (about 135 pyeong) and is decorated as a ‘healing forest in the heart of the city’. Customers who purchase more than 150,000 won will receive a ‘In the Forest Natural Cotton Handkerchief’ with BTS or Seventeen-themed graphics applied.

Hyundai Department Store plans to limit the number of customers who can enter the store at the same time to about 50 to prevent customers from crowding, and operate the same-day reservation system.

An official from Hyundai Department Store said, “We plan to install a reception kiosk in front of the main gate of The Hyundai Seoul every day from 9 am, before the opening of the department store, receive a pre-registration with the mobile phone number of the customer who wants to visit, and send a text message during the opening hours.”

As Hyundai Department Store has emerged as a holy place for the MZ generation, such as The Hyundai Seoul emerging as a hot place on social media recently, HYBE will introduce the ‘In the Forest Pop-up Store’ in The Hyundai Seoul. In fact, the number of posts with the hashtag ‘#TheHyundaiSeoul’ on Instagram reached 186,000, the largest number among department stores in Korea.

HYBE also formed a consensus with Hyundai Department Store so that more people can enjoy an entertainment lifestyle experience in their daily life.

A Hyundai Department Store official said, “The concept of ‘Retail Therapy (Healing through Shopping)’ and ‘In the Forest Pop-up Store’, which embodies a healing forest in the city, fit well, so we opened this pop-up store with HYBE. “We will continue to actively seek out new content that fits the trend”

[By Rhea, K-pop Updates]

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