BTS J-hope Korean military enlistment

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J-Hope, a member of the group BTS, enlisted in Korean military and the members came to send-off.

On the 18th, J-Hope entered the 36th Division Recruit Training Center in Wonju, Gangwon-do. After completing five weeks of basic military training, he plans to fulfill his defense obligations on active duty in the Army.

On this day, the vehicle carrying J-Hope entered the training center with only a few minutes left before the enlistment deadline. J-Hope rode into the unit and enlisted in the unit without lowering the windows of his vehicle.

J-Hope vehicle was followed by vehicles carrying RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. In particular, to support J-Hope’s enlistment, Jin, who was currently on vacation during his military service, was with him and showed off their ‘world-class’ friendship.

Ambulances and police personnel were mobilized at the site in preparation for any unexpected safety accidents, and the military authorities seemed to be paying more attention to security.

On the 1st, along with the news of J-Hope’s enlistment, BigHit Music, said, “There is no separate official event on the day of admission to the boot camp.” For this reason, we ask fans to refrain from visiting the site. We ask that you send warm farewell and encouragement to J-Hope only with your heart.”

Among them, only a small number of fans visited J-Hope’s enlistment site. Just like Jin’s enlistment earlier, enlistment took place in a quiet and calm atmosphere, giving a glimpse of the thoughtful fan spirit of ARMY.

Meanwhile, on December 13 last year, BTS began carrying out their military duties, starting with Jin.

 J-Hope is the second runner-up from BTS to join his military  services, J-hope expressed his feelings on enlistment through Weverse Live on the 14th ahead of his enlistment, saying, “I am fulfilling my duty as one of Korea’s strong young people, so I will come back in good health.”

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