BTS Jimin joins the Green Noble Club

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Jimin the group member of BTS joins the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation Major Donor.

On the occasion of Jimin birthday, the group BTS Jimin spread good influence with warm donation news.

The Green Noble Club is a large donation group of the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, which consists of sponsors who donate more than 100 million won at a time cumulatively, or donate 100 million won within five years.

Jimin’s donation was announced on the morning of the 13th through the announcement of the list of new members of the Green Noble Club of the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation. No official Statement has been released by HYBE.

There are those who serve as a role model for society by making big donations when everyone is having a hard time like COVID-19.

On October 13th, the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, a representative organization for child advocacy, announced that the ‘Green Noble Club’, a group of major donors, had surpassed 300 units.

In addition, BTS member J-hope is also a part The Green Noble Club from 2019.

The cumulative contract amount of Green Noble Club is approximately KRW 56.4 billion.

The Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation Chairman Lee Je-hoon said, “The era when the right hand did not know what the left hand was doing has passed, and many people are applauding for creating value together. We will do our best to deliver it to the children better”.

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