BTS Jimin Proof of Inspiration

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BTS Proof of Inspiration – 지민 (Jimin) comeback teaser has been released.

On the 19th at midnight on BigHit Music on their official Twitter handle uploaded the video of Jimin : Proof of Inspiration.

In the video, Jimin mentioned, that he want to show different side of himself to ARMYs.


Proof of Jimin (지민)

“I wanted “Filter” and “Friends” to be included in this album. I wanted to live up to ARMY’s expectations and show them many different sides of myself. And I still have many different colors left to share.”

I might have come across as being colorless instead of colorful if I’d have accommodated myself to other people’s ideas without having a distinct hue of my own.

“But my “Friends” – the members and ARMY – were always there to help me remind myself of what my essence is, and keep myself centered. You are my Proof.

– Park Jimin

BTS Proof of Inspiration - 지민 (Jimin)

This was the 3rd video of ‘Proof Of Inspiration’ by BTS member Jimin of 42 seconds duration released on 19 May, 2022 and all BTS members ‘Proof of Inspiration’ video will be release individually everyday till 23rd May, 2022.

Proof of V and Proof of Jin is already released on 17th and 18th May, 2022 on the official SNS of BigHit Music.

Meanwhile, BTS is making a comeback with a new album “Proof” to be released next month on 10th June, 2022. Accordingly, the ‘Proof of Inspiration’ content containing the storytelling of the b-side song is being released.

This album is an anthology album consisting of a total of 3 CDs. It consists of colorful tracks containing the thoughts of the seven members about the past, present and future of BTS.

This album was planned in the sense that BTS opened a new chapter as an artist in their 10th year and looked back on their activities.

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