BTS Jin’s Chinese fandom donates to Zhengzhou Red Cross to help victims of heavy rain


BTS Jin’s Chinese fans practiced good influence by donating to help those affected by the heavy rain. Record heavy rain fell in Henan Province last month.

In particular, in Zhengzhou, a year’s worth of heavy rain fell in three days, causing many lives and property damage. On the 21st of last month, Jin’s Chinese fanbase ‘China Jin Bar’ donated 12,400 yuan (about 2.2 million won), to the Zhengzhou Red Cross and took the lead in encouraging donations by sharing the donation QR code.

Earlier, ‘China Jin Bar’ donated 37,200 yuan (approximately 6.5 million won) to Longnan, Gansu Province, China to eradicate poverty on the 8th anniversary of Jin’s debut.

[Photo = Donation Certificate]

‘China Jin Bar’ donated under the name of ‘BTS Jin’ to an underdeveloped elementary school suffering financial difficulties due to support activities to celebrate Jin’s birthday last year, remodeled school facilities, and built a music room, reading room, exercise room, and computer room. They provided warm hands to children in need, such as repairing school facilities and providing school supplies.

Since May 2018, Jin has donated a certain amount to the Korean Committee of UNICEF every month, and in May 2019, it was known that he became a member of the ‘UNICEF Honors Club’ by exceeding the accumulated donation of 100 million won. Fans who have inherited Jin’s good influence are actively donating, forming an exemplary fandom culture and setting a good example.