BTS Jin Message during military service (Mar 2023)

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BTS Jin released a surprise video Message on White Day even while serving in the military.

On the 14th March, a video titled ‘Message from Jin: Mar 2023’ was posted on the BTS official YouTube channel ‘BANGTANTV‘.

This video is the third video message that Jin prepared in advance for his fans while he participate in the world tour performance of  ‘Coldplay’ in Argentina last year on 28th October 2022, before enlisting in the military.

In the video, Jin said, “I came to visit you in March as well. You guys probably weren’t crying because you missed me.”  “There is White Day in March. Today, I came to deliver a candy to you” he said, and showed off a lollipop of purple color which symbolize BTS.

Jin shyly said, “I’m in Argentina to stand on stage with Coldplay.”

At the same time, Jin concluded the video by saying, “It would be nice if you could watch the stage video again while eating candy.”

Jin enlisted on December 13, 2022, is currently serving as an assistant instructor at the 5th Infantry Division Recruit Training Center and is scheduled to be discharged on June 12, 2024.

BTS eldest member Jin to enlist in military

Meanwhile, Jin once again took the top spot among Asian males as ‘the most influential influencer in America and boasted the highest popularity.

On March 12, Jin was ranked 9th in the “Top 1000 Most Influential Influencers in America’ announced by the influencer marketing platform HypeAuditor.

This is the highest ranking among Asian men and the second highest ranking among men worldwide. As of the 13th, a day later, it is still maintaining the same ranking.

Despite his enlistment, he was ranked in the top 3 and top 2 among solo artists in the “World’s Most Mentioned Artists’ released on February 25, recording 20 consecutive months of chart-in, making him the world’s first artist and the longest chart ever. Making history as a human being, he realized Jin’s powerful topicality and popularity.

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