BTS Jin to Perform ‘The Astronaut’ at Coldplay concert

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BTS Jin will perform “The Astronaut” at Coldplay concert “Music of the Spheres”.

BTS member Jin will participate as a special guest in the world tour performance of the British rock band ‘Coldplay’.

On the 20th October, BigHit Music announced through the platform Weverse that Jin will participate in the Argentinian concert of the Coldplay world tour ‘MUSIC of the SPHERES’ on the 28th October.

In this concert, Jin will sings his first solo single ‘The Astronaut’ for the first time along with Coldplay.

Coldplay was listed as co-composing, lyricist on Jin solo single ‘The Astronaut’. In particular, this song will be released on the day of the concert.

Coldplay “MUSIC of the SPHERES” World Tour will take place at Estadio River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina at 7 PM on October 28, 2022 (ET).

This concert will NOT be live-streamed online. However the performance video of Jin “The Astronaut” will be uploaded on the YouTube channel of BANGTANTV at 3PM KST on October 29, 2022.

Jin and Coldplay work together again following the collaboration song ‘My Universe’ by BTS and Coldplay released in September last year.

 My Universe‘ by BTS and Coldplay made a hot-shot debut that went straight to number one on the US Billboard’s main single chart ‘Hot 100’.

Attention is also focused on the performance of ‘The Astronaut’ on ‘Hot 100’. ‘My Universe’ is still performing well on Billboard’s detailed charts, even after a year has passed since its release.

BTS Jin single The Astronaut

Jin is the second member of BTS to perform as a solo artist after J-HopeJin will present various events such as his solo single, related concept photos, and music video teasers.

The company said, This song “The Astronaut” by Jin was made with a lot of love for the fans, It is our hope that this song can be a gift to all of you.

Jin will initiate the process to enlist and fulfill military service as soon as his schedule for his solo single ends.

Jin will enlist as an active duty soldier at the Nonsan Training Center or the front-line unit recruit training center within end of this year.

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