BTS Jungkook Birthday Project & Event 2022

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BTS member Jungkook turned 25 year old this year on 1st September, 2022. On the occasion of BTS Jungkook 25th birthday, Jungkook fan club are organizing many birthday projects and Events.

A Jungkook Chinese fan club showed off a strong continental fan spirit with special support.

Jungkook china‘ made a Jungkook’s Magic Shop in Hongdae Walking Street this Birthday Event started from 28 August, 2022 and will end on 3 September, 2022.

From September 1st to September 12th, the Chinese fan club ‘Jungkook China‘ held Jungkook’s b’day project at ‘Busan X the Sky‘, the tallest building in Korea: LCT Landmark Tower.

Jungkook China‘ installed a large banner of Jungkook at the entrance of the first floor of X the Sky, and on the X Story screen, the words ‘1997-09-01’ and ‘Happy Birthday to Jungkook’ and a video containing Jungkook’s overwhelming stage performance are transmitted.

Jungkook Busan X the Sky Birthday project
Jungkook Busan X the Sky Birthday project

Jungkook’s fanbase ‘Jungkook Singapore‘ announced that they delivered the donation in the name of ‘Jeon Jungkook’ through theΒ  Wildlife Reserve, ‘Mandai Wildlife Reserve’. The donation will be used to ensure that as many as 15,000 animals continue to receive the best care.

Jungkook’s other fanbases, ‘Jungkook Mexico’ and ‘GOLDEN CLOSET VOTING TEAM‘ were inspired by Jungkook’s love for animals, and as a birthday project, they adopted a turtles nest near the Mexican sea under the names of ‘BTS Jungkook’ and ‘Army’.

Some Jungkook fans has donated under the name ‘Jungkook’ to UNICEF to help children around the world in need of emergency assistance.

Jungkook’s Indian fanbase ‘JUNGKOOK INDIA‘ announced they had donated under the name of ‘Jeon Jungkook’ to the charitable trust ‘Educate Girls foundation’ to support learning of girls for a Year on the occasion of Jungkook’s b’day.

Jungkook JAPAN, a Japanese fan base, donated 550,000 yen (approximately USD $4K) to the United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP), an accredited non-profit organization, as a support for school lunches for Cambodian children on Jungkook’s 2022 Birthday.

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