BTS Jungkook cover ‘Falling’ tops the US Genius Chart

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BTS Jungkook’s cover song ‘Falling’ is receiving explosive responses, such as ranking number one on the US Genius chart and the most popular video on YouTube.

On the 30th October, ‘Falling’, covered by Jungkook, topped the US digital music media Genius’ Genius Top 100 chart ‘Pop’ for ‘2 days in a row’.

‘Falling’ was first released on BTS’ official YouTube channel on the 29th, and on the same day, it showed unrivaled sound source power, ranking first in the ‘Pop’ section of the Genius Top 100 chart for a long time.

Jungkook cover Falling

In addition, on the 29th, in the Genius Top 100 chart ‘All Genres’ (all genres), it climbed up to 2nd place, showing strong music potential.

It is also the record that ranked first among Korean singers on the chart.

On YouTube, ‘Falling’ posted by Jungkook boasted overwhelming popularity, ranking first in the world’s most popular videos for ‘3 days in a row’, trending in 51 countries, and second in popularity.

‘Falling’, covered by Jungkook, is the title track of the album ‘Fine Line’ released in 2019 by world-famous pop singer ‘Harry Styles’.

Jungkook sang ‘Falling’ with delicate expressive power and unique sensibility that had his own color melted, and gave a deep afterglow with a feeling of desperation and vagueness that was completely different from the original song.

In addition, Jungkook calmly started the introduction with a soft and sweet tone, and as the chorus, he sang overwhelming high notes as if spewing out the emotions that were heightened by the vocals that became stronger as the chorus robbed his ears.

At the same time, Jungkook’s chords beautifully melted into the song and detailed vibrations up to the last note were added to further double the depth of the song.

Meanwhile, ‘Falling’, which Jungkook covered, recorded 12.15 million views and 2.92 million likes on YouTube as of 7 am on the 31st, showing unquenchable popularity.

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