BTS Jungkook Fastest To Hit 1 Million Likes

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BTS Jungkook delivered a New Year’s greeting, breaking the Guinness World Record and became Fastest post to hit 1 million Likes in just 2 Minutes.

On December 31st, 2021 BTS Jungkook posted a selfie of himself with warm greetings for the new year on his Instagram, saying, “The year has come to an end quickly and we are welcoming a new year.”

Jungkook continued, “Thanks to so many people, I was able to spend this year happily and safely without getting hurt physically. Thank you so much and everyone worked hard. Let’s all be happy and not get sick. Apobangpo♥︎ (meaning ARMY FOREVER, BANGTAN FOREVER!) #hny #btsarmy.” He showed his deep affection towards his fans.

In the selfie, Jungkook clicked his picture in a very pleasing atmosphere like a movie with the sunset on the beach as the background.

Jungkook made the hearts of fans fluttered all around the world with his sweet eyes and self-luminous enchanting visuals that could not be covered even by wearing a mask and hat.

In response, Jungkook post received 1 million likes just in the span of 2 minutes, and recorded 1M likes in the ‘shortest time’ on Instagram.

This broke the Guinness World Record for Brazilian ‘Juilette Freire’, who received 1M likes on Instagram in just 3 minutes.

It also recorded 2M Likes in 8 minutes, 3 Million in 30 minutes, 4 Million in 51 minutes, 5M in 1hr 24 minutes, 6M in 2 hour 7 minutes, etc. The post is currently been deleted by Jungkook because he wanted to make an aesthetic page so he deleted all his posts.

Jungkook has also drew attention from overseas media as he became the most viewed person on the world’s most popular site TikTok.

The popular video sharing platform, TikTok rose to exponential fame during the COVID-19 pandemic as millions of users took to the social media platform to create their own videos, as well as scroll through hours worth of short form videos.

Jungkook is the FIRST & ONLY person in the World to have his individual TikTok hashtag surpass 142 BILLION views as of 9 September, 2022!!

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