BTS Jungkook for Vouge Korea 2023

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On the 16th September, Vogue Korea released preview for October issue covers. BTS’s Jungkook poses as the model of the four covers of Vogue Korea 2023.

The first cover of Vogue Korea 2023 October issue throws us back to the ‘Jazz of the 1920s‘, where Jungkook dons a snazzy suit, capturing the essence of that golden era.

Vogue Korea captioned it perfectly, saying, “One word to describe BTS Jungkook, ‘music‘. We will spend October with four genres of music that transcend time. The theme of the first cover is ‘Jazz of the 1920s.’ Jungkook visualizes ‘The Jazz Age‘.

Jungkook visualizes 'The Jazz Age' - Vogue Korea
Jungkook visualizes ‘The Jazz Age’

Switching it up for the second cover, Jungkook takes us on a time-traveling journey to the ‘Brit Rock of the 1960s‘. Dressed in a cool mesh top, he strikes poses that could rival any professional model. Vogue Korea exclaims, “All the music in the world, Jungkook. The theme of the second cover is ‘Brit Rock of the 1960s.’ You are my music! Jungkook visualizes ‘British Rock in the 60s’.”

Jungkook visualizes 'British Rock in the 60s' - Vogue Korea
Jungkook visualizes ‘British Rock in the 60s

The third cover reveals a different side of Jungkook with a ‘Punk of the 1970s‘ theme. This time, he brings out the punk spirit with a captivating look. Once again, Vogue Korea cheers him on, saying, “You are my music! Jungkook visualizes ‘1970s Punk’.”

Jungkook visualizes ‘1970s Punk’ (Vogue Korea)
Jungkook visualizes ‘1970s Punk’

For the grand finale, Jungkook transforms into a modern-day hip-hop icon for the fourth cover. His stylish attire and confident demeanor perfectly encapsulate the spirit of ‘Modern Hip Hop in the 2020s‘.

Jungkook visualizes ‘Modern Hip Hop’ (Vogue Korea)
Jungkook visualizes ‘Modern Hip Hop’

What’s even more fascinating is that Jungkook took on the role of Creative Director for all four covers, showcasing his artistic vision and talent.

This special collaboration between BTS’s Jungkook and Vogue Korea is a heartfelt tribute to the rich history of modern music.

Each cover represents a distinct Western music era, from ‘The Jazz Age’ to ‘British Rock in the 60s’, ‘1970s Punk’, and ‘Modern Hip-Hop’. Don’t miss out on experiencing Jungkook’s expressive pictorial in the October edition of ‘Vogue Korea‘.

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