BTS Jungkook – My You (self-composed song)

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BTS member Jungkook released his own song ‘My You’ to commemorate the 9th anniversary of BTS FESTA debut.

Jungkook released the soundtrack and video of his self-composed song ‘My You’, which showed his love for fans through BTS official SNS and YouTube at midnight on the June 13.

Before the song was released on BTS official SNS, a photo with the message “Hi!” along with a rabbit emoji was posted on BTS Twitter account, raising the curiosity of fans.

Previously, Jungkook said, “Please enjoy FESTA to the end on a personal Vlive broadcast at the campground, raising the fans expectations even more.

The released ‘My You‘ is a self-composed song that Jungkook participated in producing, writing and composing for the fans.

This song was released for free through Soundcloud, and the music video was also released through YouTube, drawing attention from fans around the world.

My You song, which harmonizes with a gentle melody and Jungkook’s signature emotional vocals and harmony.

BTS Jungkook - My You selfie (self-composed song)

The music video for ‘Jungkook – My You‘ is a special gift to fans, with lyrics full of affection for fans, with the concept that Jungkook sends messages to fans on social media and sends and receives videos.

"All the light is colored in by you
All these times are are precious due to you
Four seasons have passed with you 
Four scents were left 'cause of you"

"All the reasons I can laugh out
All the reason I sing this song
Thankful to be by your side now
I'll try to shine brighter then now"

When the video and sound source were released, an explosive response followed, trending in 114 countries around the world, including No. In particular, 16 related trends were ranked worldwide, and My You, on Korean music sites and Japan’s Yahoo, ranked first in real-time search terms, showing surprising popularity.

The official BTS blog, which contains free music and Jungkook’s message, had the server down for several hours.

On the blog, Jungkook’s letter containing My You free music and working secrets is written. Jungkook said, “These emotions that come to mind when I think of you are so overwhelming that sometimes, what if all these things disappear, or what if it was a dream? I’ve been thinking like this before.”

Jungkook continued, “So I wrote a song based on those contents, and I thought the mood of the song would be too depressing, so I filled in the lyrics with pretty words. It is a song only for you, and I hope that it will become a song that can be more hopeful, self-illuminating, and empowering in the end. Thank you to all ARMYs, and let’s make many better memories in the future! I love you, my ARMY,” he concluded.

The YouTube video of the song also surpassed 1 million views within 16 minutes of its release, becoming the 1st most popular video in the US, trending in 11 countries, and trending in 26 countries.

Even two years ago, Jungkook released a free self-composed song called “Still with you,” which contains her feelings for ARMY, and moved fans around the world and gathered a lot of attention.

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