BTS Jungkook photo card sold for about 3.7 million won.

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BTS Jungkook’s Photo Card was Sold on EBay for about 3.7 Million won, attracting attention from Overseas Media.

Recently, the American Media ‘Allkpop’ reported an article with the title, “BTS Jungkook Photo Card, Sold At $3,213 (About 3.7 Million Won) As The Highest Price K-Pop Photo Card Ever.”

The media said, “Jungkook receives the Title of ‘Sold Out King’ From Companies And Brands” And “He Is Famous For His Sales Power And Brand Power, And Whatever He Uses Or Possesses, He Becomes A ‘Hot Topic’ And Instantly It Is Sold Out, And So Is The Photo Card.”

Jungkook’s photocard is always in demand and the most expensive, but Sells the Fastest, And Jungkook’s Butterful Lucky Draw Photocard is ‘The Most Expensive K-Pop Photocard Ever.’

According to the media, The Butterful Lucky Draw Photo Card fetched 120 Bidders on EBay and Sold for $3,213.

In addition to EBay, The Photocard was the most expensive and in demand worldwide and in Korea, the media reported.

In addition, he added that Jungkook’s blue selfie flow Photocard was Sold Out for $2,700 (About 3,090,000 Korean Won), realizing his overwhelming popularity.

In addition, Jungkook recorded the most views, comments and likes in real-time on Naver V Live.

Jungkook currently has a perfect all-kill record on VLIVE, recording the most views: 22.1 million views, most comments: 31.6 million comments, and most likes (hearts): 925 million likes.

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