BTS Jungkook pictorial “Me, Myself, and Jung Kook”

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BTS member Jungkook has released a preview image of a pictorial “Me, Myself, and Jung Kook” in which he participated.

On the 12th August, an image of ‘Coming Soon’, was posted on the official SNS of BTS titled “Me, Myself, and Jung Kook“.

The out-of-focus photo showed Jungkook staring straight at the camera. Jungkook’s messy hair, red eyes, and lips add an accent to the intensity.

The photos released on this day are a foreshadowing of a new project that BTS will start, and BTS will release pictorials in turn, starting with Jungkook.

According to BigHit Music, Jungkook participated in all the details of the photo shoot from the planning of the concepts to the costumes and props.

The photo of Jungkook “Me, Myself, and Jung Kook”, which gives a glimpse into the atmosphere of the pictorial, was first released, raising the interest and expectations of fans around the world.

Jungkook, who is the first of BTS’s new project, chose an “intense” concept that hasn’t been shown so far and reinterpreted it in his own style to show a new side of himself.

Jungkook pictorial will be released on his birthday September 1, starting with the preview image, and before the release, mood teasers, concept films, preview images, etc. Everything will be released one after another.

Meanwhile, Jungkook fans base have started preparing for Birthday Projects.

Jungkook’s Chinese fan club (Jungkook china) is hosting the world’s first and largest subway birthday advertisement ever for an artist. The event will be a total of 18 days from August 29 to September 15.

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