BTS Jungkook sets a world record for ‘Most Viewed’ Live

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BTS Jungkook recorded the most viewed live, comments and likes in real-time on Naver V Live

The American media allkpop recently reported an article with the title, “BTS Jungkook has a perfect all-kill record on V Live: Most Views, Most Comments, Most Likes Live”.

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The media reported that Jungkook currently has a perfect all-kill record on VLIVE, recording the most viewed Live: 22.1 million views, most comments: 31.6 million comments, and most likes (hearts): 925 million likes.

According to the media, Jungkook’s personal broadcast of ‘Jungkook’ through V Live on the 30th of last month (July) surpassed 31.16 million real-time comments and 925 million likes in 1 hour and 7 minutes, breaking the record for the most real-time comments and most likes, boasted of The number of simultaneous viewers in real time also reached more than 10.2 million.

On this day, Jungkook gave a sweet live performance and gave ARMYs the joy of captivating the eyes and ears by holding a ‘mini concert’, such as singing BTS’ popular songs with performances, such as his solo song ‘Euphoria’, ‘Dope’, ‘IDOL’, ‘Baepsae’, ‘Outro: Wings’, and ‘So what’.

After the Vlive, fans’ attention the clothes Jungkook wore and digested differently. Jungkook captivated fans’ eyes with his unique style sense and fashionable side wearing a set look with a see-through khaki top and bottom. After the broadcast, at the online shopping mall ‘Musinsa’, the tops and bottoms of the ‘f8ke chemical club’ (fake chemical club) products worn by Jungkook ranked first and second in the Musinsa ranking, and in less than an hour, both the tops and bottoms were sold out.

[Photo = F8kechemicalclub Instagram]

In response to this, on the 31st of the ‘f8ke chemical club’ Instagram story, “A precious and surprising thing has happened to our brand. BTS Jungkook wore it live and we are getting inquiries and calls from all over the world. Jungkook, thank you so much to all the ARMYs in the world and I love you ♥”

The Instagram account of ‘f8ke chemical club‘, which had 700 followers on the same day, showed a phenomenon that the number of followers increased more than 10 times to about 10,000 followers after posting the article.

Meanwhile, Jungkook has been causing a sell-out crisis one after another. From the clothes he wore, he sold out ‘fabric softener’ and sold out books, cell phone cases, shoes, daily hanbok, wine, toothbrushes, banana milk, scented candles, etc.

[Gaurav, K-pop Updates]

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