BTS Jungkook to release new song ‘3D’

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Jungkook the group member of BTS to release a new song called ‘3D’.

Jungkook will release his second solo digital single ‘3D (feat. Jack Harlow)’ on the 29th September, 2023 at 1 PM KST (Korean Standard Time).

On the 24th September, Jungkook announced the news of the new song ‘3D’ through Weverse, a global fandom life platform, and released concept photos.

BIGHIT MUSIC launched a ‘3D’ promotion by releasing two ‘Hero Films‘ and a ‘concept photo – 1D’.

Jungkook '3D' Concept Photo - 1D
Jungkook ‘3D’ Concept Photo – 1D

In ‘Hero Film’, Jungkook showed off his overwhelming aura, and in the concept photo, he showed various poses using straight lights installed in a minimalist space.

Jungkook ‘3D‘ is a song of the R&B pop genre that wittily expresses one’s feelings for an unreachable person through the subject of first-, second-, and third-dimensional perspectives. BigHit Music official explained about this song, “You can see Jungkook, a solo artist who has become more mature since ‘Seven‘.”

Rapper Jack Harlow, who topped Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’ with ‘First Class’ and ‘Industry Bay’ with Lil Nas X, participated in the featuring of ‘3D’ by Jungkook.

Spoilers for the new song also attracted attention. Jungkook, who appeared as the first Korean solo singer to headline the ‘2023 Global Citizen Festival‘ held at Central Park in New York, USA on the 24th, performed his solo songs ‘Euphoria‘ and ‘Still With You‘.

They sang ‘Seven’ passionately with Latto, who made a surprise appearance. In a mid-interview, he expressed his thoughts on being on this meaningful stage, saying, “I hope we can all have a positive influence so that everyone can be guaranteed their basic rights.”

Jungkook released part of the sound source for ‘3D’ at the ‘2023 Global Citizen Festival‘ held the day before in Central Park, New York, USA.

Jungkook said about ‘3D’, “The release date is Chuseok in Korea. Why did I have to release the song on Chuseok? I’ll leave that answer to your guess. Why am I in a hurry? What’s coming next? What can it be? Aren’t you curious?”.

The Global Citizen Festival is a large-scale charity performance held by the international civil movement organization Global Citizen. It has been held every year since 2012 to raise awareness of global problems such as extreme poverty, hunger, and climate change.

BTS appeared at this event in 2021 and performed ‘Permission to Dance‘ and ‘Butter‘ with the national treasure Sungnyemun Gate in the background.

Jungkook expressed his thoughts about participating in the festival, saying, “I hope we can all have a positive influence so that everyone can be guaranteed their basic rights.”

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Jungkook ‘3D’ Concept Photo – 1D

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