BTS meeting with South Korean President Moon

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On the 14th September, President Moon Jae-in presented BTS with a letter of appointment as ‘Presidential Special Envoy for Future Generations and Culture’.

In July, President Moon appointed BTS as a ‘Presidential Special Envoy for Future Generations and Culture’ to expand diplomatic power and international cooperation related to the global agenda for future generations, such as overcoming COVID-19 and sustainable growth.

BTS Passport
BTS Diplomatic Passport

After conferring the letter of appointment to BTS, President Moon delivered the diplomat’s passport and fountain pen as gifts, made eye contact with each member with fist bows, and congratulated each member with applause.

After the commemorative photo, the attendes burst into laughter as J-Hope looked up at President Moon and raised his thumbs up.

BTS will start their full-fledged special activities by attending the 76th UN General Assembly next week.

BTS plans to attend the SDG Moment event to be held on the 20th, give speeches and present performances through video.

SDG Moment is an annual event held under the leadership of the UN Secretary-General in accordance with the political declaration of the Sustainable Development Goals Summit.

The Blue House said, “As BTS has delivered messages of comfort and hope to the world, attending the UN General Assembly this time will serve as a meaningful opportunity to expand communication with future generations around the world and draw sympathy for future generations on major international issues. It is expectedโ€.

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