BTS Advertisement fee, ’62 billion won in this year alone’.

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‘Global Pop Icon’ group BTS ranked first as the most expensive star for advertising model fees.

On Mnet’s ‘TMI NEWS’ broadcast on the 4th of August, the BEST 13 stars with expensive advertising model fees were revealed.

Recently, fast food brand McDonald’s launched a BTS set promotion and recorded huge sales, and the sales of nuggets included in the set soared 283%.

In addition, the Louis Vuitton, modeled by BTS, was sold out in the first hour of distribution in pharmacies and achieved sales of about 44.8 billion won. Next, the BodyFriend massage chair brand, which BTS is working as a model, broke the record for the highest sales since its foundation, recording total sales of about 65.6 billion won.

BTS’ annual advertising model fee is about 5 billion won, and company McDonald’s promotional advertising fee is estimated at about 10 billion won.

On the other hand, as of 2021, the estimated annual advertising cost of BTS is estimated to be about 62 billion Korean won.

Picture = Hybe
Photo = Hybe

Hybe (formerly Big Hit Entertainment), to which the idol group BTS belong, announced on the 5th August that, based on consolidated financial statements, sales in the second quarter of this year increased by 79.2% from the same period last year to 278.6 billion won.

During the same period, operating profit decreased by 6.2 % to KRW 28 billion and net profit increased by 9.9 % to KRW 20.8 billion.

Hybe explained, “There was a temporary cost of about 10 billion won in connection with the contract to acquire Ithaca Holdings held in early April.”

Meanwhile, Ithaca Holdings is an entertainment agency and record company founded by American record producer Scooter Brown. Hybe announced in April that it had acquired a 100 % stake in the company through its US subsidiary.

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