BTS New year greetings and messages 2022

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The boyband ‘BTS‘ delivered New Year’s greetings and sent a message of gratitude and love to their fandom ‘ARMYs’ on the occassion of new year 2022.

BTS Jin, wrote on Weverse, “I had a very happy and grateful time this year thanks to ARMYs” on December 31st, 2021.

He continued, “I’m getting more and more love every year, and I’m always thinking about how to repay this favor.” He said, “I’m so happy that you really enjoyed the content you made for just enjoyment, like ‘Super Tuna‘ made without thinking about it.

Next year and the year after that, if it’s something that makes ARMY smile, I’ll do my best to make it and work hard for anything.”

Taehyung also greeted us through Weverse and wrote, “Everyone worked hard this year. Thank you so much for your love in 2021 and I think you had a happy day and I hope everyone will have a healthy and happy 2022. I love you and cherish you. Happy New Year.”

Suga also added, “Happy New Year” on Weverse and RM also wished on his Instagram account.

J-hope message for new year 2022

J-Hope wrote about his own thoughts and feelings and then looking back on the past year and the experiences and how it feels to celebrate New Year all by himself calling it a ‘Me Time’ and also taking step towards his own happiness and himself.

He mentioned, “It (2021) was a year of boundless love, expectations and encouragement for which I’m thankful and thankful again, and I ready myself so that in 2022 I can give back what I’ve received.”

Also continuing the journey of music and performance which he really loves.

Jimin also wrote, “I sincerely hope that I will be able to see you this year. I desperately hope more than anyone that you all, who I love, are more happy than anyone” and said he misses ARMYs so much making everyone swoon over him.

BTS Jungkook New Year Messages 2022

BTS Jungkook posted a selfie with warm greetings for the new year on his Instagram, saying, “The year is passing quickly and we are welcoming a new year (2022). Thanks to so many people, I was able to spend this year happily and safely without getting hurt physically. Thank you so much and everyone worked hard. Let’s all be happy and not get sick. AFBF (ARMY Forever, BTS Forever)♥︎” He showed his deep affection towards his fans.

And Jungkook’s post received the fastest 1 Million likes in 2 minutes, and recorded 1 Million likes in the ‘shortest time’ on Instagram and this broke the Guinness World Record for Brazilian ‘Juilette Freire’, who received 1 Million likes on Instagram in just 3 minutes, as reported.

Meanwhile, after a concert in Los Angeles, BTS took a long vacation and are spending time with their families during the year-end and New Year holidays.

At the Grammy Awards to be held on the January 31st, they are nominated for the ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’ category and aim for the trophy.

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