BTS Permission To Dance THE CITY – LAS VEGAS

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Hybe to hold BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE The City – Las Vegas making the Las Vegas a BTS City.

Hybe announced on the 30th that it will launch the ‘THE CITY’ project in Las Vegas to celebrate the BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS concert held from April 8-9, 15-16, making the entire Las Vegas city a ‘BTS City’.

As part of THE CITY, Hybe provides experience elements such as shopping, entertainment, F&B, and accommodation throughout Las Vegas, including attending concerts. implemented to do so.

Starting with Allegiant Stadium, where the concert will be held from April 5 to 17, a variety of programs to see, eat and enjoy will be held near the Strip area, the heart of Las Vegas, spanning approximately 5 km will be transformed into ‘BTS City’.

THE CITY is an ‘urban concert play park’ that provides an expanded fan experience by opening various entertainment and events throughout the city before and after the concert.

Hybe creates a variety of entertainment in THE CITY, providing fans who visit Las Vegas more than just a performance.

Fountains of Bellagio

First, the ‘Bellagio Fountain Show’, one of the world’s three largest fountain shows, will be held with BTS’ music.

The Bellagio Fountain Show, which begins on April 7, is expected to make the entire Las Vegas city, which has been transformed into ‘BTS CITY’, lively by creating a spectacle with streams of water, colorful lighting, and the scenery around the lake to BTS music.


The photo exhibition ‘BEHIND THE STAGE: PERMISSION TO DANCE‘, which tells the story behind the concert, is also held to impress fans.

Photos of the behind-the-scenes scenes from the Seoul concert in March and the practice process of BTS preparing for the ‘BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE’ tour that started last year will be released.

In addition, after each concert, the after-party ‘PARTY IN THE CITY‘ with BTS songs will be held at the club in Aria Resort Las Vegas to continue the excitement of the performance.

BTS Themed Rooms

Hybe, in collaboration with global hotel chain MGM Resorts International, will operate ‘BTS Themed Rooms‘ at 11 MGM-affiliated hotels located in Las Vegas from April 5 to 18.

BTS-themed rooms are decorated with BTS-themed welcome messages, door hangers, photo cards, etc. made with BTS handwriting, and you can create your own ‘BTS-themed room’ with limited edition Much Pack provided only to hotel guests at a discounted price, so that you can enjoy the joy of being with BTS even in the dorm.


CAFE IN THE CITY’ which offers carefully selected Korean dishes enjoyed by BTS, is also operated at a restaurant in the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The course menu consists of dishes that BTS likes, such as bibim noodles, chicken, and bungeoppang, and it will give global fans’, visiting Las Vegas a special pleasure to taste the Korean cuisine that BTS loves.

BTS POP-UP: Permission To Dance in Las Vegas

There are also stores in various places where you can purchase official tour products planned and produced to keep the memories of the performance longer.

In the pop-up store ‘BTS POP-UP: PERMISSION TO DANCE in Las Vegas‘, as well as the official products of this tour, various products such as BTS-themed clothing, fashion accessories, and fancy goods are presented.

In particular, the ‘City Signature’ product, which is only shown in the city where the performance is held, is produced with a Las Vegas theme and will be exclusively presented at this pop-up store.

Official merchandise stores where you can easily purchase official merchandise and light sticks are also operated inside and outside the Allegiant Stadium, a performance venue, and MGM Grand Garden Arena, where live play is held.

In addition, there will be an on-site pick-up booth for Weverse Shop where you can find products ordered online from the global fan commerce platform Weverse Shop at the concert hall.


Hybe said, “In order to provide a special fan experience to enjoy the whole city like a theme park by filling the city where the performances are held with various events and creating a festive atmosphere, the ‘THE CITY’ project was painstakingly planned for a long time. We intend to present new development potential to the performance and culture industry through THE CITY, a complete performance business model that has accumulated know-how in the label, solution, and platform business areas that have been internalized and accumulated.”

Meanwhile, more details about THE CITY can be found on BTS Weverse and there official SNS.

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