BTS will promote Korea Tourism in PTD On Stage

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The Korea Tourism Organization announced on the 5th April that they will launch an online and offline Korean tourism promotion campaign for the global BTS fans in time of concert BTS ‘PTD On Stage’ to be held in Las VegasUSA from the 8th April.

BTS will hold the concert ‘PTD On Stage – Las Vegas‘ from the 8th~9th April and the 15th~16th April at the Allegiant Stadium and meet ARMYs (BTS fans) from around the world.

The Korea Tourism Organization is planning to install a Korean tourism promotion booth at the Las Vegas for a total of four days, from the 8th to 9th April and the 15th to the 16th April, when the concert will be held.

For BTS fans who enter the PR booth, they will actively promote activities such as experiencing hanbok, experiencing scents that match major cities in Korea, and providing souvenirs from Korea tourism.

The Korea Tourism Organization’s promotion video ‘Feel the Rhythm of Korea‘ is also planned to be displayed on the large LED signboard in the concert hall of “BTS PTD On Stage – Las Vegas”.

The tourism agency expects that this video will be deliverd to a total of more than 800,000 BTS fans, including those who watch the concert online as well as those who attend the concert.

BTS concert 'PTD ON STAGE - Las Vegas'

Meanwhile, BTS plans to perform an upgraded performance from the previous concert at ‘BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS’.

The concert will be part of the series of ‘BTS PTD: ON STAGE‘ that started in October of last year, an upgraded version was prepared to bring out the true meaning of ‘Permission to Dance’, which is the title of the concert and the name of the BTS song.

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