BTS ‘Proof’ Concept Photo (Door ver.)

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The group BTS dropped the second set of concept photo Door version for their upcoming new anthology album ‘Proof‘.

BTS 'Proof' Concept Photo (Door ver.) 2

BTS attracted the attention of fans around the world by posting the Door Version concept photo of the new album ‘Proof‘ on the official SNS on the May 31, This concept photo, composed of group and individual cuts.

The concept photo ‘Door‘ version contains the moment when BTS, who walked their own path and made a record that will remain in history, opens a new door.

Each cut reflects the individuality of the seven members. Using a white cloth, they added a calm and optimistic aura, and BTS, in harmony with the lightly flying white cloth, makes you look forward to the ‘best moment’ that will unfold in the future

This set of concept photos was dubbed ‘Door version‘ and was released in portrait mode. Perfect for making wallpaper.

On May 28, BTS released  ‘Proof’ version concept photo, which is also the title of the new album.

BTS 'Proof' Concept Photo (Proof ver.)


In the concept photo BTS were standing in front of a large bulletproof iron gate, BTS is staring straight ahead with determined eyes.

The bullet marks left on the iron gate symbolize the ordeal in the history that BTS has gone through, and the strength of the seven members standing on the bullet casing means the past 9 years of BTS, who have been running without being shaken by any circumstances, recording countless moments.

BTS expressed their will to stand up to any situation by adding silver accessories to black leather clothing that reinterpreted hip-hop concepts such as ‘overfit’ and thick accessories to remind them of the identity they revealed at the beginning of their debut.

BTS will release an anthology album ‘Proof’, which contains 9 years of history since their debut on June 10, 2022. The track list of the new album was released on the 9th and 11th, and the ‘Proof of Inspiration‘ content containing the storytelling of the b-side songs was released on the 17th and 23rd.

Meanwhile, BTS went US to meet President Joe Biden at The White House to discuss Anti-Asian Hate Crimes on May 31.

BigHit Music explained “Because work related to the new album ‘Proof’ and promotions have been completed, BTS can go to meets US President”.

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