BTS ‘Proof’ Live (With Special Guest)

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The new song stage of BTS new album ‘Proof’ will be released for the first time through ‘Proof’ live on the 13th June.

On the June 7, BTS posted a poster with the date and time of the ‘Proof’ live on the official SNS. The poster shows the seven members sitting side by side against the background of an outdoor stage set.

‘Proof’ Live is the video content that BTS will unveil their new song stage for the first time, and can be viewed through BTS official YouTube channel ‘BANGTAN TV‘ at 9 pm (KST) on the June 13.

This live is even more meaningful since it was held on the 13th of June, the debut date of BTS.

In this live, BTS will sing the title song ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)‘ of ‘Proof‘ and have a talk time introducing new albums and new songs.

The poster released on this day especially has the phrase ‘With Special Guest’ written on it, raising questions about who will participate as a special guest.

BTS will not hold a press event to promote the new album on the day of its release. However, BTS will perform the new songs, including “Yet To Come” for the first time at 9 p.m. Monday on BANGTAN TV in celebration of its 9th anniversary.

The group will introduce the album and its tracks to fans during the online show.

Meanwhile, BTS will be release an anthology album ‘Proof’, which consists of three CDs, will have a total of 48 tracks, including three new songs — “Yet To Come,” “Run BTS” and “For Youth.”

Also, BTS will appear on music show such as ‘M Countdown’ ‘Music Bank and ‘Inkigayo’ in June 2022 for the release of their new album ‘Proof’, They plan to sing ‘Yet To Come‘, the title song of their new album ‘Proof’


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