BTS ‘PTD On Stage – Las Vegas’ Press conference

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BTS held a press conference at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, USA to commemorate the solo concert ‘BTS PTD ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS‘ and answered question of reporters.

J-Hope said, “I would like to thank all the reporters who have come a long way”.

BTS Jungkook said, “Thank you so much for coming. I’ll do my best in the performance, devoting all my self and body for you who have come a long way today. Please shout as much as you want if you feel like to.”

Suga said, “I’ve never been to Las Vegas except for the ‘Billboard Music Awards‘. It was an unfamiliar place for us. In addition, we were able to enjoy various contents together. It is a very new experience for us, and I thought that it was really good that we came to see the things that fans can also experience various cultures, especially Korean culture. Yesterday’s performance was also very good. “I think it is a city I will come to in the future”.

After the first performance on the 8th April, RM talked about the new song being prepared through a live V live broadcast. At the press conference When reporters asked about this, BTS RM said, “First of all, it wasn’t really our new song, it was a reference to the individual song I’m working on.”

BTS RM added, “Of course, we are working on our new song. Of course, you will be curious about the schedule, and of course I want to answer it, but it will come out clearly at any time. I don’t think I can tell you because I don’t know. But the preparations are still going on.”

BTS Suga said, “That’s right. Whenever we get a question like this, if we say, ‘When will we come out’, we feel comfortable and reporters are also happy, but I’m sorry that I can only tell you that there will be a good day. I work on a lot of things including solo songs. So please look forward to it.”

BTS PTD 'The City' project at the MGM Grand Conference

Lee Jin-hyung, Executive Director/CCO at HYBE held a meeting with officials of the Hybe for ‘The City’ project at the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas, USA on the morning and announced the official position regarding the military service of BTS members. Last year, several amendments to the Military Service Act were proposed one after another to recognize the social service personnel system for pop culture artists.

Lee Jin-hyung said, “Actually, it is true that the issue of military service is being considered very carefully at our company. It is because we know how important the military issue is in Korea.”

Regarding this, Jin said, “We talked a lot with the company about the military service issue, and we talked about leaving the issue to the company as much as possible.”

BTS Jimin expressed disappointment in regards to the failure to win the Grammy Awards for the second year in a row. 

Jimin said, “It’s really disappointing. The members are very sorry that we didn’t receive it last year, we worked hard for a year, and the Grammys meant so much to us as Koreans. I wondered if I could reach it, and I think I really wanted to receive it because I thought that it would be a great reward for the ARMYs because the fans supported me so much”.

BTS V said, “It was still neat. We all acknowledged it, but tears still came out. It’s unbearable.”

J-Hope said, “As another artist’s name was called, it was recognized, but it was clear that we wanted to receive this award came rushing in. “It was a pity,”

Jin said, “This is not the only opportunity I have, I will try my best because it is possible in the future”


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