BTS Concert “PTD ON STAGE – Seoul” in March 2022

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The group BTS are holding a concert ‘PTD On Stage – Seoul’ at the Seoul Sports Complex, also known as Jamsil Sports Complex in March 2022.

BTS concert ‘PTD On Stage – Seoul‘ which will be held in March was approved with 15,000 people per session, because of Covid-19 restrictions in Korea.

According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea, on the 21st February, BTS solo concert ‘PTD On Stage – Seoul’ was permitted to accommodate 15,000 people per concert.

During the three days of the concert performance, A total of 45,000 BTS fans will gather in the ‘PTD ON STAGE – Seoul‘ concert.

This concert is the first face-to-face concert held by BTS in Seoul, Korea in about two and a half years since October 2019.

BTS Concert in Seoul, Korea

The concerts performance on the 10th and 13th, the first and last days of the concert, will be performed online live streaming as well as offline performances.

BTS concert on the second day, on 12 March, will be broadcast live around the world through ‘Live Viewing‘, where you can watch the performance at the cinema.

In last few months, some other singers also held concert in Korea with the limit of 4000 ~ 4500 person in each concert. This means that BTS has at least three times more licenses per session than other singers.

According to the Jamsil Sports Complex website, the number of seats in the main stadium is 65,599, and 15,000 people per event is 22.9% of the capacity.

BTS Concert PTD ON STAGE at SoFi Stadium
              [Photo = SoFi Stadium]
In addition, BTS concert in LA which was held in November and December, last year was attended by more then 50,000 fans per day, making it 200,000 combined in 4 days.

The performances received a lot of attention and in particular, the LA concert was decorated with only seven members, without a personal stage, as it was a performance face-to-face with fans after a long time.

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