BTS ranked 4th on US Billboard Box Score Top Tour

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The group BTS ranked 4th on the US Billboard Box Score ‘Top Tour’ chart with the ‘BTS Permission to Dance On Stage‘ concert held in the US and Korea. The concert revenue of ‘PTD on Stage’ in the first half of this year is estimated to be close to 100 billion won.

According to the annual box score report released by Billboard on the June 8, BTS gathered 458,000 fans with 11 performances including 4 concerts in Los Angeles, 3 concerts in Seoul, and 4 concerts in Las Vegas.

This is the fourth record behind Bad Bunny (37 times), Elton John (40 times), and Genesis (35 times).

BigHit Music explained, “BTS ranked in the top 5 after global pop stars in ‘Top Tour’ Chart. Considering the number of performances by the rest of the artists, you can gauge the ticket power of BTS.”

BTS ranked 4th on US Billboard Top Tour

BTS also recorded ticket sales of 35.9 million dollars for their Las Vegas performance in April, which was attended by around 200,000 Fans. As a result, it climbed to the top of the monthly ‘Top Tour’ and ‘Top Box Score’ in April.

BTS is estimated to have grossing over USD $75.4 Million (94.62 billion won) with a total of 11 shows and 458K attendees.

As the popularity of BTS continues to grow, interest in the new album is also increasing. BTS released the music video teaser video for the title song ‘Yet To Come’ on the 10th ahead of the release of their new album ‘Proof‘ on the 10th.

BTS "Yet To Come" Proof album Tracklist
Yet To come

In this video shot in a wide desert, All BTS members with different appearances appear one after another. A calm and warm melody flows and ends with a new song. The verse of this new song is ‘You and I, best moment is yet to come’.

The music video teaser video is also screened offline at some CGVs. The new album ‘Proof’ is a compilation of BTS’ activities over the past 9 years since their debut in 2013.

The new song stage of BTS new album ‘Proof’ will be released for the first time through ‘Proof live‘ on the 13th June.

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