Shinhan Play with ‘BTS’ transforms into a platform

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Shinhan Card’s new life finance platform, ‘Shinhan pLay’, to be introduced in October, attracts attention with a new model, BTS.

Shinhan Card announced on the 16th September that with the launch of Shinhan pLay, it has released an advertisement video that heralds the features and advantages of the new platform.

In particular, in this video, BTS was hired as an advertising model to showcase the visual beauty of each BTS member in spaces that symbolize each function.

If the previously released pre-launch video introduced the renewal news to the lifestyle finance platform and the brand’s direction, in this video, the free and active images of BTS members were captured in the hotel lobby and music room.

In this video, released through terrestrial, cable, and digital channels, Shinhan Card expresses its will to evolve into a life and finance platform in the true sense of ‘most-liked’ by integrating the financial and non-financial sectors.

Meanwhile, Shinhan Card also prepared an event to present a ‘Shinhan Day with BTS’ gift box as a raffle prize for some promotions at the ‘Shinhan Day’ event in September.

The gift box consisted of official Weverse Shop products. More details about the Shinhan Day event can be found on the Shinhan Card website and Shinhan Card mobile app.

A Shinhan Card official said, “This video was designed because the image of BTS, an artist with versatile capabilities, is suitable to represent the innovativeness Shinhan Play pursues.” We will pursue not only financial life, but also various life contents to complete a true customer life.”

In addition, Shinhan Card is a product for the fandom of artists who have entered the global fan commerce platform β€˜Weverse Shop’.

The Weverse Shinhan credit card comes with a photo plate for collection containing the image of each artist as standard, and a check card can issue a photo plate with a fee of 15,000 won.

In addition, when paying at the museum shop within HYBE INSIGHT, a 50% discount service is provided by credit card and 25% discount by check card.

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