BTS Suga will be enlisting in the military on September 22

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BTS member SUGA will fulfill his mandatory military service from September 22. This significant development comes as a part of his civic duty.

On the afternoon of the 17th, Bighit Music announced the news of Suga’s military service obligation through BTS Weverse.

Big Hit Music said, There will be no official events or gatherings on the day SUGA starts his service or when he enters the training camp. The agency kindly requests fans to refrain from visiting SUGA at his workplace during the entire duration of his military service.

Instead, they encourage fans to convey their warm regards and words of encouragement with their heart, allowing him to focus on his service commitments.

Additionally, BigHit Music issued a reminder to fans to remain cautious and avoid any unauthorized tours or package products that may illegally use the intellectual property of the artist. The agency expressed its commitment to taking appropriate measures against any commercial activities that infringe upon the artist’s intellectual property rights.

Lastly, BigHit Said, “We ask for your continued support and love until the day Suga returns healthy after completing his military service”. The agency also reassured fans that they would provide SUGA with all the necessary support during this time.

In closing, the statement expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of BTS fans and concluded with a heartfelt thank you.

SUGA’s military service is a significant moment in his career and life, and fans are expected to respect his privacy during this period while eagerly awaiting his return.

Suga is the third member of BTS to fulfill his military service obligation, following Jin in December 2022 and J-Hope in April 2023. BTS Jin have also completed half of his service.

According to the officials, All members of BTS will complete Military Enlistment, including V, Jungkook, Jimin and RM by the end of this year.

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