BTS Time capsule at the Museum of Korean History

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The “Time Capsule” delivered by the group BTS to the youth of the future will be released on The Museum of Korean History.

The National Museum of Korean Contemporary History announced on the 16th that it will open the “Time Capsule” donated by Bangtan from the 17th of November in the permanent exhibition room.

This time capsule is the ‘1st Youth Day; It was delivered to President Moon Jae-in at the ceremony.

Along with the time capsule, you can also find messages of dreams and hopes from BTS to the future youth at the hall.

The purple box, containing BTS’s musical achievements and memories, wil l be opened in 2039.

An official from the museum said, β€œThe time capsule is known to contain BTS music, youth, and fans. ”

According to the museum, The group requested that the time capsule be opened on the 20th Youth Day 19 years later, in line with the 19th year when the age of youth begins.

The museum said, “We look forward to experiencing the emotion and resonance that Bangtan music gives to people around the world through the message and time capsule of Bangtan, which is decorating a page in the history of world popular music.”

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