BTS to release “Take Two” song on their 10th anniversary

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The group BTS will release a new song “Take Two” to celebrate their 10th anniversary of their debut.

BTS “Take Two” will be released on the 9th June, 2023 at 1PM KST. The song is a special gift from the group to their fans “ARMY.”

All 7 BTS members participated in the song, which conveys their appreciation toward ARMY & their desire to always be together with you.

The title of the song “Take Two” symbolize BTS moving onto their second chapter after their first decade-long journey as artists.

The song reflect they enter the next phase of their career, they want to say thank you to the ARMY for making everything possible over the past 10 years.

Suga participated in the overall production of the song “Take Two” with RM and J-hope participating in the songwriting.

By working together, they made sure that ‘Take Two’ song shows how much they appreciate the amazing moments they have shared with the ARMY.

On the other hand, BTS plans to release various contents in turn, announcing the holding of the 10th anniversary of their debutΒ  BTS FESTA 2023.

BTS has some exciting plans to celebrate their 10th anniversary, which will make fans all around the world very happy.

During the FESTA 2023, BTS wants to create unforgettable experiences for their fans and celebrate the incredible 10 years they have spent together.

They can release a variety of content, including new music, dance videos, heartfelt messages from the members etc.

BTS Festa is also an opportunity for the group to express their gratitude to their fans, who have played a crucial role in their success. Festa serves as a reminder of their humble beginnings and their unwavering dedication to their craft.

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