BTS, UN Speech, Visit to Metropolitan Korean Room

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An interview with BTS’ ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Moment’ was released through the UN’s official YouTube channel.

BTS delivered their voices on behalf of young people and future generations at the opening session of the UN General Assembly special event ‘SDG Moment’ held on the 20th September. Immediately after the speech, the seven members revealed the background of this speech and their beliefs about the SDG in an interview with the UN on ‘SDG Moment’.

This is the third speech by BTS to the United Nations after 2018 and 2020, and this year, they attended as a ‘special envoy’. In an interview, BTS said, “It is the second time to attend the United Nations and the third time to give a speech including online. Even though it’s not the first time, I’m still trembling and nervous. This time, I attended as the presidential special envoy and I tried to convey their position to all generations based on the answers to the questions posed to future generations around the world. Thank you to everyone who gave me the opportunity.”

Deputy Secretary General Fleming asked “Why SDG is important to BTS and the world”, and BTS said, “There are various difficulties and crises in the world, just like the pandemic we are going through right now. We believe that the SDGs are a common goal set for equitable benefits for all to balance the present and future generations. As we are the present generation and the future generation with many more days to come, we value the SDGs and have a sense of responsibility.”

Regarding the message to fans and expectations for fans, he said, “Looking at the various opinions and answers of future generations, I realized again that there are many people who live positively with dreams and passion despite the pandemic situation. We are not a ‘Lost Generation’, but a ‘Welcome Generation’.

President Moon revealed the reason and expectations for appointing BTS as a special envoy and said, “BTS is the best artist, and they have delivered a message of sympathy and hope to young people around the world suffering from the pandemic. I was appointed as a special envoy and accompanied by the hope that I could play a role in leading them to participate more actively while representing the voices of future generations and younger generations.”

Appointed as the ‘Presidential Special Envoy for Future Generations and Culture’, BTS has been actively conducting special envoy activities such as speeches at the 76th UN General Assembly and interviews with the UN SDG Moment, a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Korean room, and an interview with ABC in the United States.

BTS at  Metropolitan Museum of Art Korean Room
On the afternoon of the 20th September, BTS visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art Korean Room with Kim Jung-sook. At this event, Ms. Kim Jeong-sook delivered the artist Jeong Hae-jo’s ‘Five Colors of Light’ to the museum, in which hemp was layered on top of each other with natural lacquer.

President Moon Jae-in and BTS, who are visiting New York in the United States as a ‘Presidential Special Envoy for Future Generations and Culture’, started promoting K-culture.

BTS leader RM said, “It is very meaningful to see a Korean studio in New York, a city that people from all over the world want to come to and a mecca of art. It is an honor to be able to present the works of Korean artists to the museum.

In addition, he expressed his determination to “work with a sense of mission to further spread the greatness of Korean culture (K-culture) as a representative special envoy for future culture in Korea.”

The ‘Welcome Generation’, which refers to the current generation of young people who say ‘welcome’ without fear of change, and the importance of vaccination against the COVID-19 infection.

At the opening ceremony of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Moment) high-level meeting (SDG Moment) held at the UN General Assembly in the United States the day before, BTS said, “All seven of us were vaccinated” along with the ‘Welcome Generation’. It’s like a ticket that you have to buy to get to your seat.”

Twitter Trending
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Immediately after the speech, the hashtag #ARMYvaccinatedtoo was posted on Twitter, and the number quickly increased. ARMYs, known for their loyalty and solidarity, posted a screenshot of their vaccination certificate as a certified shot to encourage vaccination against COVID-19. On the 21st, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) thanked BTS for delivering an important message on their official Twitter account.

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