BTS V, ‘2021 World’s Most Handsome Men’


BTS V ranked first as the most handsome man in 2021 selected by foreign media.

Entertainment site ‘BESTTOPPERS‘ released a list of ‘Top 10 most handsome men in the world in 2021’ and selected Kim Taehyung as the number one.

BTS V beat Hollywood’s top stars and ranked first in the ‘2021 Top 10 most handsome man in the world’ selected by foreign media showing off his status as a global handsome man. The media introduced V as “The most handsome BTS member V, is famous for his unique voice and visuals.”

Most Handsome Men
[Photo= Capture from Besttoppers]
Hollywood actor Brad Pitt took second place, followed by Canadian top model Noah Mills, actor Robert Pattinson, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Tom Cruise, Chris Evans, and Henry Cavill.

The media introduced V as “The most handsome BTS member V is famous for his unique voice and visuals.”

Kim Taehyung also won first place in ‘Best face in the world 2021’ of ‘Special Awards’, and Starmometer’s ‘The Ultimate Asian heartthrob’ for the first 3 years.

In Japan, he took first place in ‘The most handsome Korean idol’ and ‘The most handsome BTS member’ on the popular voting site ‘Ranking’, Since last June, his real name ‘Taehyung’, the second most used real name after V’s nickname ‘Tae-tae’, is maintaining the ranking despite not being counted in the number of Twitter mentions.

BTS V also ranked first in Japan’s popularity ranking for 20 weeks in a row, which proves how popular V is in Japan.

V took the first place with 19,730 votes in the ‘Popular Male K-Pop Idol’ poll conducted by the popular Japanese ranking site ‘Nehan (音韓)‘ from the 9th to the 15th.

Since 2017, There have been more then 20 handsome related tittle in the name of BTS V, such as ‘The most handsome face 2017’ by American film site ‘TC Candler’ and many more.

[By Gaurav, K-pop Updates]