BTS V Birthday Projects 2022

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BTS V (Kim Taehyung) fan club holds various events to commemorate Kim Taehyung’s 27th birthday which is on 30 December, 2022.

BTS V becomes the main character of the world’s first super large screen a birthday commercial of the World Trade Center (WTC) Oculus in New York.

V’s largest fan club in ‘China Baidu V Bar’ announced on the 28th that it will hold an ad for the entire 22-screen sets in Oculus for two days from the 29th to the 30th.

BTS V birthday commercial will be broadcast simultaneously on 22 sets of screens throughout the Oculus WTC building. Included on the 100 yard E/W Gallery screen. The E/W Gallery is an iconic screen that runs endlessly along the length of the American Football Stadium, which itself forms a huge gallery.

BTS V Birthday 2022

Oculus is the World Trade Center’s transportation hub, the most expensive train station in the world, costing 12 years of construction. A complex cultural space consisting of train stations, shopping centers and pedestrian tunnels and a landmark in Lower Manhattan, boasting a floating population of 250,000 and millions of commuters per day alone.

The screen, which blends perfectly with the space without compromising the artistry of the building, is also popular as a photo shoot place, offering attractions on an overwhelming scale.

China Baidu V Bar, which is one of the strongest BTS Taehyung’ fan club, has been supporting on his birthday with their creative projects like every year and they have announced a special exhibition to celebrate Taehyung’s birthday. It is held in the middle of downtown Seoul and faces a street with a huge floating population.

BTS V TaeTae Land

The showcase-type exhibition contains Taehyung’s music and individuality, creating a small ‘TaeTae Land’ in the city. It is displayed in the form of film frames, inspired by Taehyung. It is located in the same place where his 2021 birthday project was held in which Taehyung has personally visited.

The ‘TaeTaeLand’ is an large scale project with over 17199 screen advertisements displayed at stations in whole South Korea, 323 screen ads in CGV theaters nationwide, 36 outdoor advertisements in 15 Seoul landmark buildings, wrapping of the first building in Hongdae, a showcase exhibition in front of Sinchon road, and public transport voice advertisements.

Also the sculptures formed of Taehyung’s images are illuminated to brighten up the streets at night. The sculptures were created under the concept of Taehyung’s nickname, “Myeong Dong-young,” which means “his face is a masterpiece, his personality is a fairytale, and his life is a movie.”

V’s Thai fanbase ‘BTS V THAILAND’ will support a super-large LED advertisement from December 25th to 31st at the MBK Center in Bangkok, where an average of 105,000 people visit every day.

A charity project is done by ‘UAE_BTSV’ team as they have arranged and distributed 500x of biscuits and cup cakes to Dubai Labourers.

Vietnamese fans ‘Double Rich Team‘ will post LED advertisements at Savico Megamall in Hanoi on December 30th and 31st with the hope that the V’s future will shine even brighter.

Meanwhile, ‘V Philippines’ sends a congratulatory video on a large LED billboard to ‘Galleria Corporate Center’ and ‘Robinson’s Forum’ in EDSA (a major arterial road that crosses the center of Metro Manila) on the day of V’s birthday.

Fans were excited to visit the beautiful exhibition and shared photos and videos on social media.

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