BTS V, ‘Christmas Tree’ OST Released

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The OST ‘Christmas Tree‘ for the SBS drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’, in which the group BTS V (Kim Taehyung) participated, will be released at 6 pm on the 24th.

BTS V Christmas Tree

‘Christmas Tree’ is an impressive song with BTS V low and sweet voice on a soft acoustic guitar melody, and the minimalist instrumental composition makes V’s tone and emotion stand out more.

This song first appeared in the episode 1 of ‘Our Beloved Summer‘, and inquiries have been flooding in.

The Music director Nam Hye-seung has stated that BTS V’s song will be used as an important code in the drama, and in fact, the OST that V sang in the right place for the drama flowed, raising the mood and emotion of the drama.

Music director Nam Hye-seung put a lot of thought and effort into composing the song and working on the lyrics.

BTS V is receiving rave reviews by adding a unique color to its soft bass and innate deep tone.

BTS member V has proven his outstanding musicality by steadily announcing his first English self-composed song ‘Winter Bear‘ and ‘Sweet night‘ containing the memories in his photos as lyrics, and is captivating fans around the world with his soft low-pitched voice.

BTS V Our Summer (Christmas Tree)

The fifth OST ‘Christmas Tree‘ of ‘Our Beloved Summer‘, in which BTS V participated, ranked first in Shazam Japan for 26 days, continuing the strongest music power in Japan.

In addition, BTS V’s ‘Christmas Tree‘ entered Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’ for the first time as a Korean OST.

BTS V ‘Christmas Tree‘ recorded 26,59,6854 cumulative streaming on Spotify. ‘Christmas Tree’ is establishing itself as a mega hit song with the unchanging support of the fandom, with cumulative streaming exceeding 100,000 in the first week of January.

Christmas Tree‘ official audio have also surpassed more than 10 million views on YouTube with in a month.

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