ISOI, Expresses Their Gratitude Towards BTS’ V


A thank you note was left by brand ‘ISOI’ that experienced an unexpected lip balm sell out crisis because of BTS’ V is a trending topic.

Multiple times it happened that the product such as clothes, perfumes, accessories, cosmetics and collaboration products that V wore or used got sold out in few seconds showing immaculate V-effect regardless of type.

On August 29th, BTS released the behind the scenes video of ‘2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon’ on the official YouTube channel ‘Bangtan TV’.

In the video, while V was monitoring the shooting scene, the makeup artist was applying lip balm to V was broadcast for about 3 seconds.

Although the product was difficult to see in the dark but the fans found out information about the lip balm used by V and started to purchase it.

Soon, the lip balm of the ‘ISOI’ brand that V applied got sold out from Amazon and the brand’s US site, proving that it was out of stock.

ISOI was surprised that the lip balm was sold out on Amazon and the official sales site in the United States, and soon found the reason behind it.

On their official Instagram page, ‘ISOI’ wrote, “Not a blemish serum and the lip treatment balm is out of stock?” Whaaay? The reason was so dazzling. It was sold out in just 3 seconds of appearing with him, thank you.” ‘Three seconds with the Vrilliant (V+brilliant)’ is a witty expression.

On the official Twitter account, The brand said, “We are still speechless about his influence… We are so grateful.” He could not hide his joy, leaving an answer to the question of global fans asking about where to sell around the world, and started active marketing.

The various brands that V sold out range from luxury goods to products of small and medium-sized enterprises. This way of advertising effect of V is known as V effect.

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[By Rhea, K-pop Updates]