BTS V, OST Christmas Tree will release on the 24th.

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The OST ‘Our Summer (Christmas Tree)‘ of the SBS drama ‘Our Beloved Summer‘, in which BTS V (Kim Taehyung) participated, will be released on Christmas Eve.

This song was written by Hyeseung Nam, the music director of ‘Our Beloved Summer’, with V in mind from the stage of OST planning.

The Music director Nam Hye-seung has stated that V’s song will be used as an important code in the drama, and in fact, the OST that V sang in the right place for the drama flowed, raising the mood and emotion of the drama.

Most Contents, which is producing the OST for ‘Our Beloved Summer”, said, “‘Christmas Tree’ sung by BTS V will be released on the 24th at 6pm. I hope it will be a special Christmas present for the viewers.”

BTS member V has proven his outstanding musicality by steadily announcing his first English self-composed song ‘Winter Bear‘ and ‘Sweet night‘ containing the memories in his photos as lyrics, and is captivating fans around the world with his soft low-pitched voice.

Our Beloved Summer‘ is a romance drama about young people’s first love reversed when their ex-lover is forcibly summoned due to the popularity of a documentary filmed in high school.

Even while recalling the fresh and innocent memories of first love, it induces over-immersion in the moments of love that anyone would have experienced, giving viewers a pleasant and warm sympathy and excitement.

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